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Why Choose Blackbrush 

Cutting Edge Technology

From carbon fiber parts to the latest scopes, we test and use the very best components

Old-School Customer

We strive for 110% customer service. When you call our phone number, you will directly be talking to one of the owners who build Blackbrush Precision Rifles day-in and day-out. We're here to help!

Precision Built

With tailored hand-loads, your Blackbrush Precision Rifle should be stacking bullets into one large hole. We routinely see 1/4MOA groups

Custom Orders to Meet Any Need

We can build that perfect rifle you've been dreaming of and make it a reality. Don't know exactly what you want, call us and we can discuss your needs!





 "When I was in High School, I started to get the itch for accuracy, and it just hasn't stopped. I started looking for more accurate rifles other than just mass-produced rifles. Inevitably, I started building custom rifles for myself and learning what makes one capable of shooting the best groups possible.  I've been a hunter all my life, as my father was a wildlife biologist who taught us to respect the wildlife and outdoors around us. The love for the outdoors is something I know we all agree on."   


- Owner, Michael Beasom

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