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Choose your action

Actions that we recommend to our customers: Curtis, Lone Peak, and blue-printed factory Remington 700's

curtis actions _edited.jpg

Choose your barrel

Some say the barrel is the heart of the rifle. Barrels we recommend: Bartlein, Douglas, Benchmark or BruxWe can help discuss the process of caliber selection, barrel profile, and barrel twist rate to get the perfect barrel for your needs


Choose your bottom metal

We can help you navigate between detachable magazines, hinged floor plates, or blind internal magazines to get what you need

Choose your stock

Today there are plenty of exceptional stock manufactures including: Manners, McMillan, H&S Precision, Bell & Carlson, and others. Your action will be hand bed to the stock of your choice

No matter if you want a carbon fiber featherweight or a heavy bench stock, we're here to help walk you through the process

manners stock.png

Choose your color

We offer any color you can imagine. We use Cerakote for our rifle coatings and can even do custom colors (as seen below)

Choose your trigger

Jewell triggers have made some excellent and solid performers. They are extremely smooth and crisp on the "break". If you prefer a different brand, that's not a problem!

We can help you choose the correct trigger and trigger weight based on your intended use

"Our goal is to make a rifle that you want to pass down for generations."

Owner - Michael Beasom

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